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A little bit about The Brew Kettle

At The BREW Kettle you are the Brewer.  We'll provide the recipe, ingredients and assistance while you brew and bottle your favorite style of beer.   The BREW Kettle offers over 70 different recipes to choose from.  Chris McKim, our Brewmaster and winner of 9 National Brew-On-Premise Medals (including 5 GOLD'S!), has created each recipe to be technically accurate as described in the style guide for America's largest beer event, The Great American Beer Festival. 

The Brew Kettle

The BREW Kettle is a social gathering place where small and large groups of brewers are invited to reserve one to six kettles.  Your brew session will last approximately 2 1/2 hours.  While you're brewing, relax and enjoy a beer or homemade soda from our great selection.  After brewing, we'll help you cool and transfer your brew into a fermenter and we'll look after it during fermentation.  When you return two weeks later, your beer will be chilled, filtered, carbonated and ready for you to bottle.  A brew session produces 6 cases of beer(22oz bottles).  Or if you prefer, we'll keg your brew for parties or home draft systems.

The BREW Kettle offers a wide variety of label options for you to personalize your brew.  Choose form over 200,000 clipart images, or provide us with your own design.  From simple black& white "stock" labels to color scans from you personal photo library, our designers can meet your needs.   Commemorate your next special occasion such as birthdays, weddings, baby announcements and holidays with your own unique label design.

The BREW Kettle is your source for homebrew supplies.  We offer by the pound, whole grains and unhopped malt extracts and by the ounce, pellet hops. 

The BREW Kettle and Ringneck Brewing Company also offer a wide variety of carry-out bottled beer and soda.  And don't forget our logo gear and gift certificates are always available.  Your personalized brew can be a great gift, a unique addition to any party, or simply the best and freshest beer for enjoyment at home.

The BREW Kettle invites you to Brew with the Best.  Our expert brewing staff is always ready to help you brew your own.  We promise you'll be proud to exclaim, "That's my beer!".  And every batch comes with our "complete-satisfaction-guarantee".  We look forward to serving you.